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Savannah Savannah:

Porn lost a beautiful young star on July 11, 1994, when 23 year old Savannah shot herself in the head and died 12 hours later in a Los Angeles hospital.

After appearing in her first film, "Invisible Maniac", an R-rated feature directed by Riff Koogan, she went on to appear in well over 50 x-rated films, winning her a worldwide audience, fame, and fortune. She was known for her stunning beauty and fabulously sexy persona rather than kinky sex, although she did film a gang bang in "Star Bangers", a John T. Bone release for Fantastic Pictures. The film somewhat paralleled her life; shw was well known for dating rock stars, including David Lee Roth, Billy Idol, Vince Neil and Slash from Guns 'N Roses. She even wrote an article for London People, rating the rockers sexually.

Ron Jeremy, the veteran porn star who appeared with Savannah in her last film, "The Hustlers", an x-rated version of "The Hustler", said of her, "She was a tough cookie, sometimes hard to get along with, but shw was also a sweetheart."

The suicide came minutes after a car accident in which she crashed her Corvette into a tree. She thought her nose was broken and her face would be disfigured as a result of the crash. Unable to bear the thought of losing her beauty, the sex queen killed herself at her home.

She had been despondent and depressed for a few months, which some close to her believe was a contributing factor in the suicide. Ron Jeremy compared her suicide to that of Shana Grant another porn star who killed herself a few years back. "When looks have gotten you everything, what do you do when you think they're gone? Although her death, like Shana's, is tragically sad, it's not the norm for the business. Savannah had emotional problems when she came into the business - porn didn't do it to her. She would have ended up the same if she had been a secretary or a stewardess - the only difference is you wouldn't have heard about it."

At the time of her death Savannah hadn't made a film in 8 months, devoting all her time to dancing. Shw was a spectacular and spell-binding performer, and she'll be sorely missed by her legion of fans.

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